SA’EM Date Labeling Design

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2022-Feb-01 1603 2

Sa’em is a food (mostly dates for now) business that’s trying to start out with a bold-tey-minimal visual identity. Pyaram, Khasavi, Mazafati, and Zahedi are Sa’em’s different types of Quality-Persian dates that are quite popular in the industry. however, since Sa’em is only a startup and still has a long way to go, standing out isn’t really easy. and if there is one thing you’ll need in the food industry if sure it’s attention. that was why it was super important to us at ZarifGraphic agency and our client to represent the design both clearly and effectively. In Sa’em Pyaram, Khasavi, Mazafati, and Zahedi date labeling and its brand logo design, we wanted to avoid the same old Cliché output, and start the process in the most distinctive way possible and make the most out of the situation. Therefore, we designed different types of dates with a similar pattern that’s focused on expressing a short-and-sweet message rather than a complex and twisted one which is why you can instantly see the logo and products name with red and green colors in less than a second. this also left us enough space to show off the product.

The background is inspired and symbolized by decorative tiles and popular Persian rug traditional patterns to represent originality and great quality. Sa’em dates are and always will be 100% natural and we didn’t try to hide that. as you can see the “100% natural” tag element with a simple glance. At ZarifGraphic we designed the labels for 400, 650, and 900-gram bucket product packaging for a 750-gram product.



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