Picho Pistachios Logo Design

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2021-Sep-21 2851 2

With its distinct flavor and crunch, the Iranian pistachio has become a beloved product across the globe. Crafting the Picho logo to promote the export of Rafsanjan nuts, we have incorporated an image of the pistachio in an aesthetically appealing and conceptually-driven design. Utilizing a red color spectrum to form a golden frame with Picho's name at its center, we have also showcased the uniqueness of Iranian pistachios as they feature shades of both green and red within their hue. 

Furthermore, by incorporating a leafy green element on either side of the pistachio symbol, we hope to showcase its organicity and freshness to those who behold it. All in all, this logo aims to draw viewers in with its vibrant colors and appealing format.

اجزای لوگو پیچورنگ های لوگو پسته و خشکبارطراحی لوگو خشکبارلوگوی پسته صادراتیشرکت تعاونی تولید کننده پسته پیچوپسته تولید کننده پسته و خشکبارطراحی لوگو شرکت تعاونی رفسنجانلوگو تولید کننده پسته رفسنجانبنر تولید کننده پسته

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