Ario Animal Feed Logo Design

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2021-Oct-06 2407 0

Ario logo was designed to incorporate several different elements in the brand of animal and poultry feed preparation and production. The featured elements, such as a cow symbol, a chicken symbol, and a cluster symbol, were cleverly crafted to allude to the brand's field of activity while emblematically symbolizing the core values of the brand.

The cow symbol features a bowing cow head, while the chicken symbol is expressed through the logo's negative space. Furthermore, the cluster symbol represents yet another farm animal food. At the same time, the circular shape of the whole logo emphasizes expanding the brand's role as a supplier of this industry in the near future.

طراحی-لوگو-تولید-داممفهوم-لوگو-آریواندازه اصلی لوگو اریوطراحی-لوگو-طیور-حیواناتطراحی-لوگو-حرفه ایکارت-ویزیت-آریولوگو-داملوگوی-دام-آریوآرم-تولیدی-دام-اریو

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