iblo Furniture Manufacturing Company Logo Design

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2022-Apr-29 1227 2

It's no secret that the logo is the face of your company. It's what people see first and what sticks in their minds. Studies have shown that a logo is more likely to be remembered than the company's name. And it also influences how people judge your business. A logo is the first thing that people see when they are considering a company. It's a quick and easy way for them to figure out what type of business it is and whether or not it's something that interests them. So, it's crucial that your logo stands out from the crowd and matches the vision and expectations of your company. When you're looking for a logo, you want something that conveys a memorable message.

Iblo is a company that specializes in manufacturing furniture and needed a logo that is able to represent a very unique identity. The design of a logo was simple and conceptual that could be expanded in the future in various fields, and we did our best to achieve this. The mark you see in this logo is a combination of the four letters of the brand name I.B.L.o as well as the produced products of this company including wooden beds, tables, chairs, etc. A well-designed logo can work wonders for building a brand identity. It can give your audience a higher perception of your company and make them feel more connected to it. And it can also make a huge difference in how much people are willing to spend with you. that's where colors take their role. in the feeling, your logo would want to express. we often neglect the importance of color psychology. In fact, the wrong color may be costing you new customers and revenue!

in the Iblo identity design project yellow is an expression of hope and creativity, and gray is a display of elegance and experience.

طراحی-لوگو-مبل-ایبلوتوضیح-ساختار-لوگوی-ایبلومفهوم-لوگوی-ایبلورنگ-سازمانی-ایبلولوگوتایپ-فارسی-انگلیسی-ایبلوساختار-لوگو-ایبلولوگوی-ایبلو-در-نمای-ساختمانکاربرد-هویت-بصری-ایبلواستفاده-ایبلو-در-محصولاتلوگو-در مبلمان-ایبلولوگو-ایبلو-در-مبلمانiblo-Logo-visual-identityطراحی-لوگو-فروش-مبلمانلوگوی-مبلمان-ایبلو

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