DANIAM Saffron Logo design

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2021-Sep-21 1111 0

Our design approach for the DANIAM Saffron logo was to create something creative yet simple, using minimal elements to convey the concept of quality, originality, and legitimacy associated with the quality saffron of this brand, as saffron is famous for being the most expensive spice in the world.

In due course, we have developed three red dots to represent the saffron flower in a unique point of view that not only captures these qualities but also stands out, making it lasting and memorable to its audience.

This also gives DANIAM the advantage of flexible usage in stationery, decoration, websites, packaging, social media, etc.

مفهوم لوگوی زعفران دانیاملوگوی-زعفران-دانیاملوگوی-افقی-دانیامنمای-لوگوی-دانیامتابلوی-لوگوی-دانیامکیف-دستی-بگ-لوگو-زعفرانموکاپ-لوگوی-زعفران

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