FADAK Saffron Packaging Design

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2021-Sep-21 1798 0

As the most expansive spice in the world, saffron needs packaging that can convey an eye-catching appearance and reveal the product’s great value to its audience. Our agency tried to show off this concept in FADAK Packaging design with a simple-yet-luxury theme that would suit the product as well as its brand. Therefore we felt that using black as the packaging background and gold printing foil for some of the essential elements was a fitting choice to make. this will grab instant attention and keep the potential customers focused on the right things. We also utilized beautiful imagery and extended it as far as the other side of the packaging. in addition, we followed images of a bowl filled with saffron and Autumn Crocus (saffron flower) with UV printing to make the whole design bolder and more attractive.

بسته بندی لوکس فدک در ظریف گرافیکطراحی بسته بندی زعفران مشهد

طراحی بسته بندی شیک زعفرانبسته بندی زیبا لاکچری زعفرانطراحی بسته بندی صادراتیبسته بندی زعفران ظریف گرافیکبهترین بسته بندی زعفرانجعبه بسته بندی زعفران با برند فدک

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