Darmiyan Barberry Logo and Packaging Design

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2023-Feb-14 1816 0

Our team has taken great care to ensure that the design of the barberry packaging meets the customer's demands. We've used a stone design pattern in the background and a new barberry branch at its forefront, representing the natural quality of this product. The choice of gold, red, and green colors symbolizes value, product color, and nature, respectively. We are proud to present this beautiful package – an undeniable representation of all the hard work put in by South Khorasan farmers over the generations.

طراحی-حرفه-ای-بسته-بندی-زرشکطراحی لوگو و بسته بندیطراحی-لوگو-زرشکطراحی بسته بندی زرشکبسته بندی زرشکطراحی بسته بندی زرک در خراسانبسته-زرشک-درمیانطراحی بسته بندی خشکبار

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