May sa Layette Logo Design (Ni Ni Di Di)

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2023-Jan-24 1690 0

One of the sweetest experiences a designer can have is designing an identity for businesses that are related to children. The design can be so enjoyable and the designer can smile during the design, which is indescribable. The design of a cute and relaxing brand with flat and happy colors is wonderful.
The designer must be able to convey the feeling of calmness, charm and simplicity. We smiled and enjoyed all the stages of designing the logo and visual identity of May Sa Layette (My Moon). We hope it brings the same pleasant and lovely feeling to you. This logo became a character that was placed in different parts of the website, application and social networks of this collection with different angles and modes.
After designing and producing exclusive products of May sa brand, their pictures will also be added at the end of this article.
May Sa brand operates in the digital space under the name "Ni Ni Di Di"

طراحی لوگو کودکطراحی لوگو سیسمونیطراحی_لوگو_سیسمونی_در_ظریف_گرافیکماه سانی نی دی دی​​​​​​​

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