PersiaTiles Persian 7-Colored Tiles Catalog Design

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2021-Oct-05 1114 2

The PersiaTiles Collection brings Iranian art to the world with its hand painted tiles in seven different colors. For this project, a 6000-product catalog was designed with 130 pages. 

Long catalogs layout can quickly get frustrating to read through or retain interest. Thats why to create a streamlined experience for viewers, the design team focused on varied layouts and easy-to-follow design so that people can easily find the content/product they're looking for while enjoying the catalog design.

Each page of the catalog contains elements that symbolize Iranian culture, colors, images and patterns inspired by Persian structural masterpieces to demonstrate the relative products inside. That way, an eye-catching display is presented to give viewers an unforgettable glimpse into Iran's timeless tile history.

طراحی-کاتالوگ-کاشیطراحی کاتالوگ-کاشی-پرشیا تایلز

کاتالوگ دکوراسیون با کاشی هفت رنگ پارسیکاتالوگ-رنگ-کاشی-ایرانیکاتالوگ-کاشی-ایرانی


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