Zeytoon Restaurant Logo Design

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2022-Jan-03 1415 1

With Zeytoon Restaurant logo design project, all of our focus went on showing a special, beautiful, luxurious, and most importantly simple impression.

Since the term "Zeytoon" (meaning olive in Persian) doesn't have any other specific meaning in other cultures and languages, we placed this fruit among the letters with a minimal display of olive seeds so it can represent the brand's name to the audience.

We also used five olive plant leaves together forming a star at the top of the brand name which symbolizes the brand's uniqueness and great value.

zeytoon logo restaurantzeytoon logo elementsطراحی لوگو در آلمانلوگوتایپ رستوران زیتونالمان لوگوی زیتونساختار طراحی لوگوی زیتونzeytoon color identityzeytoon colorsلوگو زیتون افقیrestaurant logo designطراحی لوگو رستوران آلمانZEYTOON-logo-mockupzeytoon logo sign

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