AcoFood Fast Food Company Logo Design

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2022-Jan-04 1354 0

When we received the Acofood logo brief, we knew that the audience would be more invested in the brand's concept by seeing colorful elements. It's easy to aminate a chef holding pizza with the name of the brand written under it, but we wanted to create a distinctive concept. A logo that expresses the brand and can't be used or duplicated.

With a minimal design, we combined the English letters A.C.O and the element of pizza to also evoke other meanings such as persistence and eternity like a mountain.

All these concepts were created in a coherent and symmetrical form in complete simplicity.


Red and yellow colors

Aside from the high heat of these two colors matching perfectly with a fast food brand; red is a symbol of energy and excitement, and on the other hand, yellow is a feeling of freshness, happiness, and comfort.


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