Ibn Sina Saffron Packaging Design - France

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2022-Jun-20 1800 0

Saffron has long been hailed as the king of spices, known for its delightful aroma, vibrant colour, and delicious taste. However, this precious spice also boasts numerous health benefits, including improved heart function, weight loss aid, cancer prevention properties, and more. Despite its many health advantages, saffron is often overlooked by consumers. At Ibn Sina, we sought to change this by highlighting the health benefits of our saffron packaging design.

After extensive research and brainstorming sessions, we featured the renowned physician Ibn Sina as our brand ambassador. His reputation for promoting good health made him the perfect choice to represent our product's value. To create a visual identity for our packaging design, we incorporated elements inspired by Afghani dresses into the pattern surrounding the packaging. We also included a map of Afghanistan on the back of the packaging and a UV-printed saffron flower beside Ibn Sina to introduce our product.

To emphasize what was most important to us - quality and value - we gold foil printed the antique city baulk and product weight on the packaging. The result was a visually stunning design that conveyed both the health benefits and value of our saffron product.

Zarif Graphic holds credit for Ibn Sina saffron packaging print. Additionally, this was another collaboration with the amazing Karno Studio, who were in this with us, making the outstanding photography services on this project possible.

طراحی بسته بندی فرانسه زعفرانبسته-بندی-زعفران-ابن-سیناibn-sina-saffron-packagingپکیجینگ-زعفران-ابن-سیناابن-سینا-زعفران-طراحی-بسته-بندیزعفران-بسته-بندی-فرانسهبسته-بندی-لوکس-زعفران-ابن-سیناluxury-packaging-saffron-ibn-sinapackaging-design-inb-sinaزعفران-لیبل-ظرف-بسته-بندیپشت-بسته-بندی-زعفران-ابن-سیناهویت-بصری-ابن-سیناطراحی-بسته-بندی-فرانسه-زعفرانبسته-بندی-دارویی-فرانسه-زعفرانبسته-بندی-محصول-ابن-سینا


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