Mostafavi Saffron Gift Packaging Design

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2023-Jul-05 1261 0

Designers continuously explore diverse approaches when it comes to "proper design," but it is only through a deep understanding of the client's product and brand that one can truly deliver a captivating packaging experience.

Being aware of the prevalent trend of using intricate and exuberant designs for saffron packaging, we embarked on a journey to create a packaging solution for a different kind of packaging for Mostafavi Saffron. We envisioned packaging that harmoniously embodied both uniqueness and the essence of a precious gift pack packaging.

With this vision in mind, we embarked on the design process trying to craft a simple yet mesmerizing theme—delicate strands of saffron, resembling the graceful foliage of leaves, artfully woven together to form an enchanting pattern. Amidst this botanical symphony, the Mostafavi logo proudly stood symbolizing the brand.

To infuse the packaging with a profound sense of emotion and to honor the love and passion originating from Mostafavi saffron cultivation and distribution, we decided to embrace the words of the famous Persian poet, Anvari: "The color of a lover should be like saffron; whoever is in love should be like that." Delicately rendered in bespoke calligraphy, this profound verse adorned the packaging, captivating hearts and stirring the senses.

In our endeavor to create an unforgettable packaging experience, blending simplicity, elegance, and profound poetry, we succeeded in transcending expectations. showcasing a gift package that not only tantalizes the taste buds but also evokes a profound sense of love and appreciation.

The packaging visuals of this product have been professionally photographed by ZarrifGraphic Studio (Karno) and edited using Adobe's AI.

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You can also see a short video Here.


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