Persian Signature Saffron Packaging Design

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2024-Feb-11 520 0

If we were to embody saffron as a character, its essence would exude regality and tradition. Our vision of Persian Signature saffron materializes as a distinguished Iranian lady draped in elegant Qajar-era attire, adorned with saffron-colored lily flower petal fabric. Her hair, akin to the saffron crocus stigma, adds an authentic touch to the portrayal. A prized gemstone-adorned tiara graces her head, symbolizing her esteemed status as a representation of our precious saffron. Delicate and beautiful, saffron deserves to be showcased in a setting that effectively conveys its elegance and beauty. This has been achieved through the integration of intricate elements.

To finalize the saffron packaging, UV printing and precision services have been employed to incorporate a beautiful Persian poem around the portrait, further affirming the authenticity and origin of the product.

Saffron, a prized product cultivated from the fertile soils of Iran, our beautiful land, is brought forth with utmost authenticity at ZarifGraphic through the tools of design and art. Character design, packaging, printing, and photography have all been meticulously executed within the ZarifGraphic studio.

بسته بندی زعفرانبسته-بندی-زعفران-صادراتیهویت-بصری-زعفرانطراحی-جعبه-زعفران-پرشینsignature-psrsian-saffron-packagingsaffron-packaigng-exportطراحی-بسته-بندی-زعفرون-مالزی

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