TaakChin Dried Fruit Packaging Design

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2024-Apr-03 942 0

Unlike traditional packaging designs available in the market, ZarifGraphic Studio strives to create differentiated designs in this field. Their approach to this valuable product is similar to other expensive items such as dried fruits and saffron, allowing the product to be better perceived and its high importance evident to the audience.

In the packaging design for Takt Chin dried fruits by ZarifGraphic Studio, the aim is to attract a maximum audience with a blend of traditional and modern structure. The visual guidance focuses first on the character, then on the display window showcasing the dried fruits (products), followed by the product title, and finally other details. The unique character design will be very effective in distinguishing Takt Chin among competitors – an Iranian character referring to high-quality products can be the ideal symbol for this Iranian export product.

The use of slim-lined frames to organize the design elements, the fresh product imagery, and other details result in presenting all information according to importance without overwhelming the audience. ZarifGraphic Studio's design approach prioritizes communicating the product's significance and quality through a captivating visual hierarchy that celebrates Iranian heritage and commitment to excellence.




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